Viewfinder Window


Viewfinder Window is a mobile contemporary art window-gallery that brings visual arts to the street. Viewfinder supports local contemporary artists including sculptors, painters, writers, jewellers and installation practitioners.

Viewfinder is a Nelson start-up, in the same ilk as similar project window spaces in cities including Auckland, Dunedin and Wellington.

Viewfinder aims to run a series of two-monthly exhibitions, showcasing different artists.


Viewfinder – Kim Ireland

In 1816 the French naval frigate, the Meduse, hit the coast of Mauritania due to the incompetence of its captain. One hundred and fifty men were set adrift on a…

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Viewfinder – Douglas Kelaher

These especially collected pieces of firewood are presented here for the first time, from a private collection in Nelson. The collection has built up over a number of years, with…

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