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The Brook Sanctuary

Dean Raybould Installation
194 Trafalgar Street, February 2020 – March 2021

About the Artwork

Takaka-based artist Dean Raybould’s installation tells the story of the Brook Waimārama site: from its distant origins as part of Gondwanaland; the development of New Zealand’s unique species of birds, reptiles, and insects; the waves of human arrivals and the mammalian pests we brought with us; the development of Nelson City’s water works; the founding of the Sanctuary project; through to our future vision for the site as a fully restored native ecosystem with reintroduced rare birds and other wildlife.

Make/Shift Spaces + The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary

Dean Raybould created the artwork for the entrance area into Brook Sanctuary that later underwent redevelopment, requiring a temporary storage space for the installation. The Brook Sanctuary partnered with Make/Shift Spaces to house the installation in a vacant shop window that increased the Sanctuary’s presence in the CBD. The display promoted environmental responsibility and the contribution being made to the restoration of our local and national ecosystems.

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