Picture by Tim Cuff 14 September 2021 - MakeShift Spaces installation: artist Ann Braunsteiner at 149  Hardy Street, Nelson, New Zealand

Punk It Up

Anne Braunsteiner – Mini Artist-in-Residence
149 Hardy Street, 12 September – 19 November 2021

Picture by Tim Cuff 14 September 2021 – MakeShift Spaces installation: artist Ann Braunsteiner at 149 Hardy Street, Nelson, New Zealand

Report by Ann Braunsteiner

The work was produced in the estimated working frame of 30 hours  (1 to 12 September – with two days rest – this too is an important part to achieve as an artist – to be accurate in timing, hence the payment one receives for it). This isn’t really my usual art practice – but I think what happened during the time working on site, in the public eye, I started to respond to the amazing engagement peopled offered so freely. Their smiles, their thumbs up, waving…’beautiful’, ‘happy’, ‘easy’ – there isn’t a need to understand the work in an arty context/language…it is basically doodling on the window. However, if anything, three aspects from the proposal remained – togetherness – reaching everyone that is passing these windows – connecting where we are – the sky, sea and land where Nelson is nestled within [the city] and the pink backdrop – as an indicator to brighten up that corner, a comforting feeling, a safe space to look at/be with, and I believe the PINK still gives it the contemporary edge I wanted.

I am so grateful for the trust and challenge; this opportunity given to me by Make Shift/Spaces – and it will be very interesting how this experience might translate into my art practice – as I believe – every challenge you take on – and approx. 15 meters is of such a calibre – will have its residue. A learning that is yet unknown as I am contemplating what just happened over these days of producing PUNK IT UP – I sure feel all the warm, lovely engagement I received PUNKED UP.

Too, an immense thank you to Anne & Sarah – I felt well cared for – the communications were easy and productive – great teamwork, and enabling me to adjust my thought process as much as my actual working process on the way. The ‘storyboard’ on social media is a testament to that. And it too made people curious. Win win.

I truly hope Make/Shift Spaces, the landlord & the public are happy with the result – and the feedback will continue to be a good one. One of the most interesting experiences I had was how much young adults loved it – age range probably 16 to early 30, but too men of all ages [some came back most of the days I was working, bringing along their partners, explaining how it evolved] – our homeless population sharing their love for it, people from so many different life streams responding positively, children playing with the lines – people with businesses on Hardy Street or close by [i.e. East Street Café Owner, the lady who runs the Saturday market – and international people [I had talks with people from France, Belgium, Italy, Mexico, Germany, Indonesia, India, Russia, Poland…the ones I was able to ask anyways].

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