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Elma Turner Library

Everyone loves a library! And here at MakeShift we especially love that we’ve got two projects happening on opposite sides of the library building. One is Bill Hammond’s ‘All Along the Heaphy Highway’, as part of ArtWalk, and the other is the 2021 instalment of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori.

149 Hardy Street

This beautifully-positioned corner shop is about to get a complete new fit-out, and rather than just covering the windows with black paper and whatever signage, we asked if we could leap in and claim it as a Make/Shift Space. Big thanks to Nick Widley from The Cod & Lobster Limited – we’re very happy!

115 Hardy Street

Here was another little space that came available and we had an installation ready to go. It was actually a bit of recycling on our part, but hey, that’s a good thing. So we popped in Steve Fulmer’s magnificent ceramic piece, which had had a two week outing in another Make/Shift Space in 2019. And …

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116 Hardy Street

There’s been new life injected into this part of town with Refinery Art Space moving into 114 Hardy Street, so we were really pleased to score a space right next door at 116. This space will feature a series of window exhibitions from NMIT Arts & Media Students. Huge thanks to Katie Romagnoli at Papercut for …

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194 Trafalgar Street

After 20 years as the home for Urban Beach clothing store, this space smack-bang in the middle of Trafalgar Street is looking for a new tennant. And in the meantime, we get to move in and keep it looking nice!

105 Collingwood Street

This shop has a prime location on Collingwood Street, located right next to The Baker’s Coffee Shop (best almond croissants in town). Huge thanks to the Property Owner for letting Shopfront Theatre create Nelson’s newest (temporary) theatre!

290 Hardy Street

This corner shop has a generous space with twice the windows, and best of all, we have access to both inside and out. As always, we couldn’t do this without the Property Owner – many thanks!

Punk It Up

PUNK IT UP has a simple message – togetherness – fun to have in the CBD – promoting activity – bold, but happy. [Drawings partly inspired by Keith Haring.] The PINK backdrop has a secondary message – to celebrate us as humans – to be a ‘Safe Space’ and comfort for each other in this current, …

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14 Bridge Street

This lovely old building is one of the older ones in the city centre. Rollo’s is currently doing upgrades and renovations to the interior, ready for them to move in. And in the meantime, we get to Make/Shift Space it! Thanks Rollos!

165 Bridge Street

Many of us remember many a night at the original home for Little Rock Nightclub. It’s been quiet for a couple of years and now Make/Shift Spaces has the opportunity to brighten up the windows. This property is owned by Gibbons.

169 Bridge Street

Graham’s Trading was a well-known Nelson retail business for nearly 40 years, closing their doors for the last time in March 2019. There is work to be done to the interior, so Make/Shift Spaces only has access to the windows along the wide frontage – perfect for window displays. This property is owned by Gibbons.

220 Hardy Street

This space has been actively used by different community groups over the last year or so, and we’re really pleased to take over the management of the space for the next few months while the owners continue to look for a new tenant. Special thanks to both Morrison Square and their Property Management Company, Oyster …

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256 Trafalgar Street

With prime location in central Trafalgar Street, this shop is currently undergoing refurbishment – the perfect time for Make/Shift Spaces to use the windows! This property is owned by John Fitchett Family Trust Ltd, and managed by:– Colliers Nelson – Geoff Faulkner – Bayleys Nelson – Paul Vining– GBU Reality – Grant Unsworth

2/126 Trafalgar Street

This had been empty for some time, but we managed to get access to the interior as well as the window. This property is owned by Cephas Property Ltd.

207 Trafalgar Street

This little store right in the centre of Trafalgar Street was undergoing extensive refurbishment, which allowed Viewfinder Window to utilise the window space for a series of window exhibitions. This property is owned by J. S. Lewis Building Ltd.

130 Hardy Street

We knew that this lovely little shop frontage was only available for a limited time, but the right-side window was just crying out for a display of one of Steve Fulmer’s magnificent ceramic pieces, and a translucent ‘skin’ on the left window. Artist/graphic designer Klaasz Breukel [email protected] (This Is Them) created the design, which was …

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60 Achilles Avenue

With its wide frontage overlooking Wakatu Square, this building is easy to find. Plus, the interior is spacious with heaps of natural light, and ready for use. So when the 2019 Nelson Arts Festival approached us about needing a space for a whole range of activities, we knew we had a match. This property is …

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Luminous Clouds

These works were constructed with a 3D knitting technique developed by the artist, Anne Rush, using jumbo-sized knitting needles. Luminous Clouds was first shown at the inaugural Light Nelson in 2013 – now Te Ramaroa. The work was suspended above the pond in Queen’s Gardens, gently moving in the breezes. Anne Rush is a Nelson artist whose career …

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Pop-Up Little Japan Exhibition

A space to share Japanese culture. With no one being allowed to travel anytime soon, Pop-Up Little Japan is a chance to experience some aspects of Japanese culture, right here in Nelson’s ShopFront Theatre. Pop-Up Little Japan has a mix of exhibitions, shows and classes. Click here for more information on puppet shows and classes in calligraphy …

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Urban Ecologies by Kirsten Cooper

Make/Shift Spaces is working with Papercut to showcase a series of work by NMIT Arts and Media students. First up is Urban Ecologies by Kirsten Cooper. Macrocosm, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 690 x 750mmEcosystemic, 2020, oil on canvas, 700 x 750mm Representations of landscape form part of an ongoing narrative about our place in the world …

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Pottery in Nelson – Steve Fullmer

The 1970s was a flourishing time for art and culture in New Zealand. With its wonderful scenery, agreeable climate and access to raw materials, Nelson was a magnet for those who dreamt of making their living through clay. It was into this fertile environment that American Steve Fullmer arrived in 1976, establishing a workshop in …

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CAN – What is a Home?

Please note that this retail site has been briefly taken over as a Polling Station for the General Election – Community Action Nelson will return in late October. In the meantime, they’re still very active – best to check their Facebook page. CAN is holding a series of Lunchtime Talks on Tuesdays between 12.30pm–1.30pm– 18 Aug …

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Stitched Painting – Fleur Woods

Fleur Woods is a local artist based in Upper Moutere. The installation is a high quality photo of one of Fleur’s original artworks. Fleur describes the style of her work as ‘Stitched Paintings’. Her process begins with painting a blank piece of linen in abstract washes, and then adding botanical and illustrative details with acrylic …

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Cultural Conversations – Santalma

Santalma uses her artwork to reflect a positive view of her homeland of Colombia, specifically the Caribbean region of her birth. She uses the passion of her country as a source of inspiration, influenced by its colours, joy, cultural contrasts, biodiversity, flavours and rhythms that resulted from the miscegenation of Indigenous, Spanish and African heritage. …

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