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Cultural Conversations

Shop 10, Morrison Square, September 2020 – September 2022

About Cultural Conversations

Led by Tanya Nock, Cultural Conversations is a community-based arts hub that facilitates opportunities for people from Nelson’s former refugee and migrant communities to run programmes, workshops, masterclasses, and events. The primary outcome of these sessions is to enhance knowledge, awareness, and appreciation for the cultural diversity that makes up the Nelson region as well as wider Aotearoa New Zealand.

Make/Shift Spaces + Cultural Conversations

Cultural Conversations was hosted in a Make/Shift Space in Morrison Square (a retail hub in the city centre) for its first two years. From exhibitions and workshops to live performances and concerts featuring local and visiting musicians – Cultural Conversations is a welcome addition to Nelson’s small-scale live music venues.

By September 2022, Cultural Conversations were in a position to be able to negotiate direct with the property owner.

Projects include:
– Human libraries where people tell their own story of their lives
– Traditional dancers that invite the community in for dancing and dancing workshops
– Musical instrument masterclasses and demonstrations from other cultures
– Voice Collectives – singing groups open to the community  
– Sari dressing with Indian Kayal music

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