Viewfinder Window – Ann Braunsteiner

From: 20/11/2019 - 20/12/2019

Installation Type: passive

207 Trafalgar Street

Street Address

207 Trafalgar Street, Nelson
(next to Farmers)

5 Warnings derives from labels on cigarette and tobacco packaging. Ann Braunsteiner has taken examples of such labels and created new meanings – from the serious to the playful.

Ann’s interest lies in how successful such warning labels really are. They are stating an obvious problem regarding long term effects/consequences, and yet seem strangely limited to one consumer product in such a graphic and visual language. 5 Warnings further questions their impact, especially in a time where such imagery is so easily available and present in our everyday consumption.

5 Warnings uses Viewfinder Window in the same way, as an everyday encounter, inspired by the works of Barbara Kruger (artist) and Agota Kristof (writer).

5 Warnings is presented in postcard format, edited by hand – a limited edition print, free for the public to take.

Note: the consequences of smoking are not denied in the presented work.

You can learn more about Ann Braunsteiner’s work at

Work: 5 Warnings, 2019, Vinyl, Paper and Ink.

This property is owned by J. S. Lewis Building Ltd. Thanks!

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