Swallows & Trout

Jeana Freeman
Swallows & Trout 2024
acrylic, dimensions
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The whole painting is about movement. I love the way swallows dart along the rivers, the movement of the water, and the agility of a trout.

Jeana Freeman

Jeana Freeman is a passionate and versatile artist, as well as a dedicated art educator. She has held teaching roles in Dunedin, Nelson and New York, sharing her passion for art across diverse age groups from preschoolers to adults. Jeana is currently a visual art teacher at Broadgreen Intermediate. 

As an artist, Jeana explores an array of mediums and themes, with a focus on the natural world and native birds of Aotearoa, which inspire much of her work. Her artistic style is characterised by its freshness, vibrancy and skilful execution, reflecting her deep connection to nature and the environment.

Jeana’s artistic journey includes extensive exhibitions that showcase her talent and creativity. Her work not only captivates through its visual appeal but also resonates with its engaging and thought-provoking themes.

In 2023, Jeana painted a mural at Broardgreen Intermediate, on Hohāpata’s bravery at the sinking of the Delaware. Read the Nelson Mail article here.

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Installation Details

151A Trafalgar St - the entrance to Fundtap's upstairs offices


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