Punk It Up

From: 03/09/2021 - 20/11/2021

Installation Type: passive

149 Hardy Street

Street Address

149 Bridge Street
(ex-KB’s Bakery)

PUNK IT UP has a simple message – togetherness – fun to have in the CBD – promoting activity – bold, but happy. [Drawings partly inspired by Keith Haring.]

The PINK backdrop has a secondary message – to celebrate us as humans – to be a ‘Safe Space’ and comfort for each other in this current, ever changing environment.

I hope to bring a smile to people’s faces for the time PUNK IT UP is part of the city’s visual language, as well as adding a hint of urban graffiti to what our city has already to offer of free visual arts on the streets.

Thanks to Make/Shift Spaces for commissioning my contemporary temporary urban graffiti exchange and to the landlord for an amazing 12m window space.

Ann Braunsteiner (b. Austria). Current status: artist on the loose… creating out of her Nelson base.

She considers herself as a storyteller using a diverse range of media from collages, writing, painting, sculptural work and recently co-operating 18a Project Space.

‘Inspiration comes from everywhere, any time – however most of my work comes from an autobiographical angle with the hope to translate towards a universal language that can reach people to explore or respond with their own narratives.’

149 Hardy Street