Pop-Up Little Japan Puppet Shows & Classes

From: 10/10/2020 - 27/03/2021

Installation Type: interactive

105 Collingwood Street

Street Address

105 Collingwood Street
(next to Baker’s Coffee Shop)

A space to share Japanese culture.

With no one being allowed to travel anytime soon, Pop-Up Little Japan is a chance to experience some aspects of Japanese culture, right here in Nelson’s ShopFront Theatre. Come along to Nelson’s littlest theatre-space and be charmed and delighted by Japanese puppetry. Plus, learn how to make your own origami ninja!

KIMONO AS CANVAS By Clare Williams
Introduction to Japanese Motifs & Design of Kimono.
40mins session with art presentation and Kimono display. All proceeds to the Cancer society.
Tuesday 9th 2pm & 5.30pm
Thursday 11th 2pm & 5.30pm 
TICKETS: $10.00

Learn how to fold an origami Caterpillar and make your own puppet with it!
Saturdays 13 March at 11am
40mins session includes puppet demonstration by Akiko Miyamoto
BOOKINGS: www.trybooking.co.nz/GLP

Japanese folk tale of The Sumo Wrestling Mice. The story is about a skinny mouse and a big mouse doing sumo wrestling. Guess which one wins and how?!
The puppet show is in the style of ‘one story, two languages’.
 The 40mins session includes the introduction of Japanese language.
Saturday 20 March at 11am
Saturday 27 March at 11am & 1pm
40mins session includes the introduction of Japanese language.
TICKETS: $5.00
BOOKINGS: www.trybooking.co.nz/GMA

Akiko Miyamoto is a puppeteer, actor, clown and puppet maker who has over 30 years experience in theatre and television, including work in Japan, NZ and around the world. Now based in Nelson, she initially trained and worked with Hitomi-Za Puppet Company in Tokyo. She then travelled the world as a puppeteer, before coming to New Zealand. As well as her performance, Akiko teaches exercise at Multicultural Nelson Tasman.