Natural Treasures

From: 09/10/2023 - Ongoing

Installation Type: passive

146 Bridge Street

Street Address

146 Bridge St
(next to the old Royal Hotel)

How could we resist a bare corrugated iron fence? What’s more, we had the perfect artworks for it. We’ve actually displayed the originals of Dean Raybould’s works in a previous installation, but this time, we printed them onto metal, so they are colour- and weather-fast.

The artworks were created by Dean for The Brook Waimārama Sanctuary.

The artworks tell the story of the Sanctuary site: from its distant origins as part of Gondwanaland; the development of Aotearoa’s unique species of birds, reptiles and insects; the waves of human arrivals and the pests they brought with them; the development of Nelson City’s water works; through to the founding of the Sanctuary project and its vision for a fully restored ecosystem with birds and other wildlife.

Dean’s highly illustrative work is quirky and humorous. The interplay of words and pattern with  ora and fauna, combine to create a mystical dream-like reverie of fine treasures. Dean’s clever and lyrical pieces evoke a New Zealand Aotearoa surrealist environment that has its roots firmly grounded in his tongue-in-cheek style.

Many thanks to Brook Waimārama Sanctuary and Nelson City Council.