Change of Heart

Georgina Hoby Scutt
Change of Heart 2023
acrylic on linen, 1000 x 1000mm
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Technically, we should be calling this an ‘ArtWindow’, but it’s always fun to bend the rules a little.

Born and raised in Nelson, Georgina studied and lived abroad before returning in 2016, when she began painting. Informed by her print and pattern design background, Georgina develops distinctive colour palettes and paints with gestural, expressive brushstrokes. Georgina considers herself primarily a colourist. Her work is loosely figurative, lightly abstracted and fundamentally joyful.

I studied print design in London and then spent five years in Barcelona working as a freelance textile designer. This was a pivotal time for me in terms of developing a sense of my own artistic direction, style and colour palettes.

I am influenced by abstract expressionism (William DeKooning, Franz Kline), gesturalism and the Fauves (Matisse, Cezanne, Gaugin) and Mid-Century British art (Ivon Hitchens, Mary Fedden); contemporary fashion and interiors.

For me, the creative process is intuitive, exploratory, challenging and hugely joyful.

Georgina Hoby Scutt

Big thanks to Red Art Gallery, Design Store & Café.

Installation Details

1 Bridge St, at Red Art Gallery, Design Store & Café


Many thanks to the property owner and tenant for being part of ArtDoors.

ArtDoors Whakatū/Nelson is a joint project by Make/Shift Spaces and Arts Council Nelson